Efficient and User Friendly Concurrent Request Form

Make Concurrent Request Form more Efficient.


The Concurrent Request form is possibly the most used form in Oracle E Business Suite and probably the most unpleasant one. Throughout my implementations every business user (from a clerk to C Level managers) gives a black look when the report submission process is presented.

In order to enhance user experience and to reduce multiple steps we have developed and deployed following enhancements to the Concurrent Request Form.







Steps Reduced/eliminated

  1. Auto Refresh functionality tops the list of the enhancement.

When the check box is selected the form/data is Refreshed after specified timer (2 seconds is suggested). The user deselect the check box as and when required.

Reduces 8 to 9 Clicks or [Alt + r] on each request.

Approximately 400+ unnecessary clicks per day.

  1. Rerun Selected Request

uses the cursor placement and rerun the request with same parameters, new request id and refreshes the form

Reduces/Skips 8 Clicks and 5 Form Navigations on each run

Submit a new Request>>Single Request>>Copy>>Select Prior Request>>Submit>>Submit another Request(NO)>>Refresh Data

  1. Copy Request

although this functionality currently exists but if this is made available on the concurrent request form it eliminates few unnecessary steps. When used it takes user directly recent ran request LOV for selection

Reduces/Skips 4 Clicks and 3 Form Navigations on each run

Submit a new Request>>Single Request>>Copy>>Select Prior Request

  1. Submit a New Request and Submit a New Request Set Buttons

Most of the Users use Single Request Submission, they rarely use Request Sets. Therefore users suggested having separate buttons for both of them.

If user Clicks on “Submit a New Request” Button it will directly open the new request form.

Reduces/Skips 2 Clicks and 1 forms on each run

Submit a new Request>>Single Request


4 thoughts on “Efficient and User Friendly Concurrent Request Form

    1. This is now formally released by Oracle as a patch. Please forward this to all team members and customers



      As per Customer Community Forum Request:
      1) Auto-refresh
      Profile option “Concurrent: Auto-refresh View Request Timer (secs)”
      Profile option with no values, will default to 5 mins, 0 disables.

      2) Submission button separated to run a single request or request set.

      3) New Copy buttons added to submit a previous request or request set, accordingly.

      4) Re-run: When user’s cursor on a specific request id, brings up the submission
      for re-submission.


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