Why is business intelligence so essential?

The business climate is constantly evolving and it is becoming more and more challenging. Organizations, Enterprises or SMBs are forced to respond quickly to changing conditions and to be innovative in the way they operate. This requires them to be agile and to make frequent and quick strategic, tactical, and operational decisions, some of which are very complex. Making such decisions requires considerable amounts of data, information, and knowledge.

In today’s business environment “Data is King”. Business Intelligence helps you to embrace strategic planning for business growth by identifying key trends and patterns in your data that have the potential to unlock new growth opportunities, streamline processes or even reduce costs with a full 360 degree view of your business.

It’s not only for enterprises – virtually every small, mid-sized, and large business can benefit from BI. Today, there are more BI choices geared for SMB needs and budgets than ever. For Leading-Edge organizations real time and mobile intelligence has become the primary experience, not an occasional experience. Business users now demand access to information within the natural flow of their day, not back at their desks.

Business Intelligence and Business Analytics have started to live inside of transactional systems. The Realm of advanced and specialized system has moved into mainstream as businesses seek forward-looking rather than backward-looking insights from data.

The Quality and Timeliness of an organization’s business intelligence doesn’t only mean difference in Profit and Loss but it actually means Survival or Bankruptcy.



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