Running Oracle Application on Google Chrome

Running Oracle Application on Chrome While Running Oracle Application on Google Chrome you will receive this error  FRM:92120: Registry file http://server:port/forms/oracle/forms/registry/Registry.dat is missing.

Because Google Chrome redirects you to a incorrect URL which is not available in your registry.

In Order to run Oracle application on Google Chrome I would Recommend a Spoofer Google Extension.

1. Go to and install the User-Agent switcher

2. Restart your browser and now you should see a mask icon right next to your wrench icon.

3. Click on the wrench. Goto Options

4. Goto Extension Tab

5. Click on Options of User Agent Switcher for Chrome

6. Create Following Entry in Custom Domain List.

Enter in Domain segment

Select Mac Safari 4 from the drop Down Menu

Enter Apple, Inc. in Navigator.Vendor Segment.

Click Add.

7. Clear Your browsers History, Restart your computer and restest the Issue.


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