Oracle Vs Salesforce

Was on a Pre-sales meeting last week with a prospect for Implementation of Oracle ERP and for the first time I got to experience that how SaaS or Cloud computing is penetrating our local market. I would prefer using SaaS or on demand terminology as am not a fan of cloud computing , for me its just a craze over the phrase.

The company/prospect is a 140 year old manufacturing and trading concern and don’t have any Financial information system working on manual ledgers but are using !!!. During that meeting I was asked to send a review of Oracle vs Salesforce whether they should move to Oracle or keep using Salesforce and integrate that  to Oracle ERP

Now before that we should know what do Salesforce and Oracle offers. Now obviously is not an ERP, so it would be hard to compare them. is a CRM service mainly offers Sales and Service modules. They don’t have any Financial, SCM or manufacturing modules for small and medium-sized companies.

If you compare Oracle’s CRM  vs  you need to see how good are these with Sales Automation, marketing and Customer Support Functions.

Now arguably is a textbook model for SaaS deployment along with that we cannot overlook Oracle’s On demand product.

Oracle CRM on demand has evolved to be significant player in the sales automation space due to their multiyear effort and acquisition to make their product competitive with other vendors. However, gets more attention partially because of its attractive UI and partially because of the rivalry between Larry Ellison and Marc Benioff and their on-site antics.

Coming back to comparison between these two Oracle CRM has better Sales Automation from sales team productivity to customer centrality and it comes with a rebuilt Integration with Oracle ERP and SAP. whereas, if you wish to integrate with your supply chain application you have to use informatica or salesforce’s integration tool kit which doesn’t comes cheap.

Oracle also has an advantage over salesforce and other CRM vendors due to their existing Oracle DB customers and ERP customers.

The main edge has its offerings because with Oracle you either GO BIG OR GO HOME. is very popular in small enterprises but when it comes to medium or large enterprises Oracle takes the lead because of its lions share in DB and ERP market.

Being an Oracle consultant my analysis might always lean towards Oracle :).  I suggest you to check out a thorough side-by-side analysis available on this link


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