Cloud, Cloud Computing, the internet’s next evolution or just the craze over the “phrase”

Cloud, Cloud Computing, the internet’s next evolution, cloud services, the emerging paradigm of virtualization. What the fuss is all about !!! What the hell is cloud computing, it is not the “same old thing” with a new word-really!!

There has been a lot of jibber and jabbering  going on about the new evolution in the “cloud” per se and as always everyone has their own definition. This new buzzword is being used in so many ways  and thrown around. Most of us mistakenly define it as virtualization but some are very  “insightful” explanations(ghanta) but the confusion remains, especially when my fellow bloggers  try to define it with a business perspective.

What is Cloud Computing..

Cloud computing is the next stage in the Internet’s evolution, providing the means through which everything  from computing power to computing infrastructure, applications, business processes to personal collaboration can be delivered to you as a service wherever and whenever you need —

lets make it more simpler..

Cloud computing is essentially the ability to acquire or deliver a resource on demand, configured however the users chooses, and paid for according to consumption — WENDY PERILLI

Still dont get it ?

Softwares running Off-premises  simple as that

Interesting rite! so is it only a fashion statement? Yes!

What’s the catch then.

The problem is this phrase has been used by marketers in so many ways specially by Salesforce’s Marc Benioff who calls himself the leader of cloud services that every techie company now wants to jump into this bandwagon because the dumb CEOs are buying this shit. Just to lay off their DBAs and IT guyz and use their server room as their board room to have meetings for planning more cost cutting ways and earning through kickbacks.

I am not saying that they shouldn’t do that but if you really want to sell your Software as a Service which is nothing new btw. Dont create nonsensical chatter clouds like is WWW the internet? bring something new or just sell your “SOFTWARE”. You can’t just automate a sales platform and call it a sales cloud. I’m not against the concept of the cloud computing but it is just the marketing craze over the phrase. This is no evolution! Oracle is doing it for years with their ON Demand applications. We don’t see WordPress calling themselves “Blogcloud” because there is no cloud in it ….:)


4 thoughts on “Cloud, Cloud Computing, the internet’s next evolution or just the craze over the “phrase”

  1. I do agree with most of what you have written, but don’t completely agree with it. Without getting into excessive details, I’d just like to say that Yes, we did have cloud before. However, it was not as rich in the services it was providing. Now with real innovation in place, we have a more refined cloud technology on top of what existed before, which is packaged in a way that makes it useful and practical for small to medium size organizations to adopt.


    1. Come on man clould is nothing. Its a marketing gimmick nothing else. What do you think google is running on? a water vapour!! Its a Hardware along with software connected to the internet.
      The customer buys that Hardware and Software over the internet for a time period.


  2. I agree with what you have written. I haven’t found anything innovative on this technology so far. It does exist but it doesn’t seems useful as it’s name indicates!!!


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